Eminent Land is a leading real estate company based at gurgaon , Eminent Land Founded by committed, youthful and alert people “Eminent Land” have decided to put forth their skills and expertise to help the property seekers and investor with the upcoming opportunities and their prevailing questions. Eminent Land is not only eminent by the name, but also by the practices.

The company helps to satisfy the thrust and quench rising in the field of real estate with it’s over the top services. With a motto that the trust is the key seed, the company only sows the plant which gives sweet fruit. Following the motto, they not only aim to achieve the success and name in the field of the services, the team at the company endeavor to become the most trusted and followed real estate organization to fulfil the customer’s demand. The team of the self-esteemed organization only believes in the ethical practices because for them temporary is transient and permanent is fora lifetime. They want to remain with clients forever, as not only them, but their future generation should approach them, if they require any type of the property.

The real estate firm has their renowned flag-ship in the fields, like the site selection services, acquisition support, disposition support, property search, title search, lease administration, selling assistance, buying assistance, maintaining the revenue records, fund accounting, investment solutions, procession the legal records of the properties, and services. Last but not the least; the company has compatible and well equipped technologies to perform the relative searches and providing the support. They have the facility of quick customer support and real estate assistance.

The company not only possesses skills in providing the real estate solutions, but it also helps in exploring the field with an eye of investors. So, they can be the winning harbour in the quest to explore the ocean of the expanding real estate of the world.

Client Satisfaction

No matter whatever services are there, they are related to client and his satisfaction. Therefore, no matter how crucial the task will be, or how adamant the project will be, we will try to achieve it for the sake of the client. We will not leave any stone unturned to make the quality deliverance because client satisfaction is the real growth, despite the growth in figures and revenues. So, with the hope that Eminent Land will top the growth figures, we also hope that the company will also top in the marks of the client satisfaction.


Everyone sees the vision to be the world’s best organization in the respective niche, but very less are there who aims to be trustworthy besides of being successful. Well, certainly we stand apart from that domain as besides of the success and a platform to build for our organization, we will also try to become the most trusted India’s most trusted organization in the domain. We believe that the clientele should convert to the client; hence, we will never leave behind the ethics to acquire the success.


At the Eminent Land, we have a mission to offer utmost satisfaction to the clients. In order to accomplish our preset business objective, we always try to perform best for offering best. The service, support and the solutions we are providing are all flexible and easy to go, and because of which the client keeps coming to them again and again. Being a client oriented real estate organization; we provide striking and brilliant services to the customers at peerless price.

Nishant Singh

Jiya Chhonker
(Managing Director)

Jiya Chhonker, earlier it is believed that real estate is not a field for women and girls, but our managing director, Mis Jiya Chhonker has proved it all wrong. With her association and expertise, the Eminent Land is an integral part of the real lime light. She is a business expert with an MBA degree and a 7 years of expertise. Her variant skills and knowledge of international and national business makes her stand alone among the rivals. Since the inception of the company, she is the integral part of the Eminent Land with her unique deliverance and management skills.

Being the integral and sincere authority, she vainly handles the projects, whether they are related to residential purpose or commercial. Having her in the team, management and vision is always on board. She is personally and professionally balanced with her prior dedication toward the success and growth of the organization. We wish for guidance and assistance, till we at Eminent Land are in the field.

Nishant Singh

Nishant Singh
(Business Head)

With an experiencing of 7 years and colloquial skills in sales and marketing, Mr. Nishant Singh is brilliantly performing his part in the organization, Eminent Land. With brilliant management skills and exceptional qualities, he is the leading head of our organization, Eminent Land. After completion of his MBA, he served many renowned organizations, and now he is with us to guide with his great management and redevelopment qualities to take company success to the new horizon.

Mr Nishant Singh, our Business Head , is truly a man of words and fulfil, what he promises. He is the man behind the every fulfilled wish of our clientele, who have successfully converted to our repeating clients. His approach is not always managerial, but innovative too. In the quest to keep his commitment unperturbed, he works day and night to achieve the target. The sustainable and quick approach is his USP, which people will know once associated with him, whether in form of employee or client.


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